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    About Us

    We make socks for those who expect more, go further, and play hard. They're downright comfy too.

    Our roots were sown as boot makers. We sharpened our skills in hand crafted, fine leather boot making for over a decade before dedicating a team to socks. We believe in fit and quality first.

    Ranching and rodeos in western boots, hiking and hunting in outdoor boots, to days in the office and warehouse wearing our favorite chelsea or work boots; we've worn out more socks than you can count.

    What we didn't find was one sock that we could truly recommend as a compliment to a finely made boot. Low quality socks with a brand logo slapped on won't go the distance. We wanted better and set our sights on a well made product. Something we could be proud to make and would exceed your expectations of a sock. 

    Some big ideas and a small, passionate team later: Canyon Socks was formed. We invested in the highest quality materials and engineered fitment for comfort and durability.

    We spent months testing and developing shape, height, yarns, strength, and cushion. We even smell test to ensure our top notch merino wool performs after a hard days sweat. Our merino is naturally odor resistant. True story, we've tested it and we'll continue to improve every chance we get.

    With eyes on the prize -  Our goal was clear: To enhance the comfort and experience of your favorite boots. To build better so you can feel just as comfortable in your boots on any of life's adventures as you do cozied up by the fireplace. To connect leather to soul.

    This is Canyon and your boots have never felt better.